Ein kleiner Auszug meiner KISA-Playlist …


Discombobulate – Hans Zimmer

Obliviate – Alexandre Desplat

Bloodstream – Tokio Myers

Those We Don’t Speak Of – James Newton Howard

Gold Dust – Jonathan Jeremiah

The Runaround – Tyler Bates

I Can’t Go on Without You – KALEO

Eternity – Jordan Critz

The World of Steam: The Clockwork Heart – Bear McCreary

Aletheia’s Last Vision – Tyler Bates

Way of Light – Immediate

Miracles – Coldplay

Light & Darkness – Alexandre Desplat

Memorial – Alexandre Desplat

June – Bay Ledges

Lucifer – XOV

Resolution Blues – China Moses

Not With Haste – Mumford & Sons

Chop Suey! – System Of A Down

Welcome to the Party – Diplo

No Light, No Light – Florence + The Machine

Does Your Heart Break? – The Brilliance

On The Nature Of Daylight – Max Richter

At My Weakest – James Arthur

Romeo & Juliet, Op. 64, Act I: No. 13 – Sergei Prokofiev

crash – EDEN

One Thing We Need to Be – Carl Thiel

Your Heart Is As Black As Night – Melody Gardot

Who Will Comofort Me – Melody Gardot

Morning Sun – Melody Gardot

The Animus – Jed Kurzel

Leap of Faith – Jed Kurzel

Blackbeard – Hans Zimmer

Farewell to Lorien – Howard Shore

Unstoppable – Sia

Home Again – Harry Gregson-Williams

Moonshine -Foy Vance

Midnight Special Theme – David Wingo

Roll Up Your Sleeves – Meg Mac

Tsunami – Alberto Iglesias

The Wild – Mumford & Sons

Spread the Word – James Newton Howard

You Want It Darker – Leonard Cohen

Remember Me – Gavin James